C9800-L-F-K9 Cisco Catalyst 9800-L (Fiber Uplink) Wireless Controller

C9800-L-F-K9 Cisco Catalyst 9800-L (Fiber Uplink) Wireless Controller

[C9800-L-F-K9] Cisco Catalyst 9800-L (Fiber Uplink) Wireless Controller ราคาพิเศษ
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SKU:  C9800-L-F-K9

Cisco Catalyst 9800-L (Fiber Uplink) Wireless Controller

  • Controller ที่สามารถรองรับได้ Access Point
  • 4 Ports RJ-45 2.5G/1G Multigigabit Ethernet ports
  • 2x 10G/Multigigabit fiber
  • Maximum number 250 access points 
  • Maximum number 5,000 clients 
  • Maximum throughput 5 Gbps
  • Maximum WLANs 4096 / Maximum VLANs 4096

Interfaces and Indicators

  • 1x RJ-45 console port, 1x Mini USB console port สำหรับ Console port for out-of-band management
  • 1x USB 3.0 port USB 3.0 port for plugging in external memory.
  • 1x RJ-45 management port Management port used for out-of-band management. Also known as the service port.
  • 1x RJ-45 redundancy port Redundancy port used for SSO.

Table 9.            Features included in the Network Advantage and Network Essentials packages


Network Advantage
Essential capabilities
●  802.1X authentications, guest access, device onboarding, infrastructure and client IPv6, Access Control Lists (ACLs), QoS, Videostream, smart defaults, Radio Resource Management (RRM), Spectrum Intelligence, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Zigbee, USB, Cisco TrustSec ® SXP, SSO, Dynamic QoS, analytics, ADP, OpenDNS, mDNS, IPsec, rogue management and detection, mobility

Optimized RF
●  Flexible Radio Assignment (FRA), ClientLink, Cisco CleanAir ® Advanced●  Next-Generation High Density Experience (NG-HDX), predictive/proactive RRM

Internet of Things (IoT) optimized
Identity Pre-Shared Keys (PSK), enhanced device profilers

DevOps integration
● PnP agent● NETCONF, RESTCONF, gRPC Network Management Interface protocol (gNMI)● YANG data models● Guest shell (on-box Python)

Federal certifications
Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS), CC, UCAPL, USGV6

Telemetry and visibility
● Model-driven telemetry● NETCONF dial-in, gRPC dial-out

High availability and resiliency (advanced)
● In-Service Software Upgrades (ISSU), process restart● Rolling AP upgrades● Patching (CLI)● AP service pack and device pack

Flexible network segmentation

The following table shows the features included in the Cisco DNA Advantage and Cisco DNA Essentials packages.

Table 10.          Features included in the Cisco DNA Advantage and Cisco DNA Essentials packages

FeatureCisco DNA EssentialsCisco DNA Advantage/Premier
Base automation
Plug and Play, network site design and device provisioning

Element management
Image management, network topology and discovery, Application Visibility and Control (AVC)

Base assurance
Health dashboard (network, client, and application), AP floor map and coverage map, predefined reports

Flexible NetFlow

Base security
Basic wireless IPS

Advanced automation
Location Plug and Play
Automated ISE integration for guest
Third-party API integration

Assurance and analytics
Guided remediation
Apple iOS Insights
Proactive issue detection
Aironet Active Sensor tests
Intelligent capture
Client location heatmaps
Spectrum analyzer
Application performance (packet loss, latency, and jitter)
App 360, AP 360, Client 360, and WLC 360
Custom reports

Enhanced security and Internet of Things (IoT)
Encrypted Traffic Analytics, advanced wireless intrusion prevention (wIPS)

Policy-based workflow
EasyQoS configuration, EasyQoS monitoring, policy-based automation

Element management
Patch lifecycle management

Package Contents
● C9800-L-F-K9
●  Power cord


Warranty DOA 90 Days เมื่อสินค้ามีปัญหา เรายินดีเปลี่ยนตัวใหม่ / หรือสามารถซื้อ service เพิ่มเติมได้

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